A unique experience for young and older ones!


In the heart of the Chablais, the Swiss Vapeur Parc hosts one of the most prestigious miniature railways park in all Europe.

This almost full-scale model of railways in constant evolution is displayed on 19’000m² of green landscape shaped by a small group of enthusiasts at the end of the 80’s.

Get on one of our many steam or electrical trains and discover after one, two, three…rides miniature replicas of buildings and civil engineering structures along the tracks.

Just enough time to grab a coffee or enjoy a homemade crêpe on the terrace!

It’s time, you can hear the train whistling…

…Get on, welcome aboard, the train is leaving !


GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image


Park Description

The Park: facts and figures

Location :
Le Bouveret, La Lanche
Surface area : 19’000 m2
Hours spent working on the project: 140’000
Switches:  40
Crossings: 7
Railway signals: 62
Main track length: 1’800m
Secondary tracks length: 300m
Footpaths length: 1’400m
Number of tunnels: 7
Number of bridges: 10


 Park Map