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1989 - 2009

Swiss Vapeur Parc at Le Bouveret: A Miniature Wonderland !

Come to Swiss Vapeur Parc and cross invisible boundaries into the world of fantasy. We open our doors wide to a land of fun and wonder. Travel on our fabulous little trains and explore the essence of what is Swiss embodied in miniature models (truer than reality) and rediscover the innocent pleasures of childhood.

This unique park displays its attractions in an area of over 17’000 m2 at Le Bouveret, in a pleasant location adjacent to the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. One miniature train enthusiast, having come from afar to admire this touristic marvel of lower Valais, confided that all the troubles of everyday life seem to disappear within the gates of the park. Only a child’s earliest experiences of joy can come close to expressing the first sensations of a trip on a miniature train. The little trains chug along as if by magic through a sumptuous decor displaying miniature replicas from the rich heritage of Switzerland: the Castle of Aigle, the Church of Saanen, the Halls of Neuchâtel, the Swiss Residence, railway buildings and constructions of every sort (bridges, viaducts, tunnels, etc.), conjuring up a journey into a land of dreams !

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The park is close for winter.
See you on 19. March 2010!
Swiss Vapeur Parc
CH-1897 Le Bouveret
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